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2024 Spring Baseball Information

By Kurt Swenson - VP of Baseball, 02/19/24, 6:30PM EST


Dear Hanover Little League Baseball Community,

My name is Kurt Swenson and I am the VP of the Baseball Division for the 2024 season.  I want to give you a heads up on a few topics for this year so you can mark your calendars early. 


  1. Key Calendar Dates for the 2024 Spring season
  2. Player Agent Role
  3. Contacts for Baseball

Key Calendar Dates for the 2024 Spring season:

These are the dates we are working with this Spring season.

  • Feb 11th - Baseball Registration Ends (Date Extended)
  • Feb 20th and 22nd - Evaluations for the kids moving into Minors or Majors
    • Evaluations are for balanced team formation only.
    • More communication to come.
  • March 4th (Week of) - Announcement of teams
  • April 20th - Opening day (Games may start before)
  • June 8th - Championship weekend. To include Coach’s game

Role of the Player Agent:

We have in our process a board member who is the player agent. The player agent is the player’s champion and has multiple functions in the organization.

  • Ensuring that the drafts are fair and teams are balanced as best that we understand.
  • The players champion. If there is an issue or a parent has a concern the agent takes the side of the player in any questions.
  •  This year's Player agent is Kevin Kostibos
    • He can be reached through the HTLL Portal

 Contacts for Baseball:

For the upcoming year, below are your contacts for any questions that arise.

All Contact e-mail addresses are on the contact page of the HTLL Portal.

1st level – Coach

2nd Level- Commissioner of the league.

                Tee Ball – Kevin Kostibos and the Player Agent

                Farm      - Chris Daly and the player agent

                Minors   - Greg Hood and the player agent

                Majors   - Dan Koo and the player agent

3rd Level – VP of Baseball – Kurt Swenson

4th Level – President of Baseball John Williams


We look forward to seeing everyone at or on the fields this year.